International Experience

Technological and Science Parks by their nature they have a number of advantages in relation to the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship, especially when they have a sufficient participation of enterprises and institutions.


The largest technology parks in Europe and elsewhere, developing the identity of a technological village, function as nodes of development for competitiveness. Their establishment is often an initiative of local public authorities and supported within the framework of the national strategy of each country. A large number of these parks are initiatives of Universities while typically include Business Incubators for new enterprises.


Technology parks provide state of the art telecommunication infrastructure, but also a full range of additional services such as conventions and exhibition centers, sports facilities, restaurants, hotels, etc. They are active in the creation of pilot projects for new technologies, demonstration projects, training management and diffusion of new technologies.


They are ideal spaces for attracting local and foreign investment and are actively persuing public and international visibility through organized promotional activities.